JHU Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the JHU Login:

Try to use these steps to Log in to your JHU account:

1. First time users should use these steps:

The first time you log into JHED, you will need to verify your identity before you setup your account. You will be asked to enter in your social security number and date of birth to verify your identity with the directory. This information is highly confidential and is protected two ways when you enter it. First, the field is masked with asterisks so that no one can look over your shoulder while you are typing and second, when it is sent to the directory server, it travels over an encrypted link (SSL) to the server. You can verify this by checking the lock icon (it should be in the locked position) at the bottom left of your browser screen in explorer and bottom right of the screen in Internet Explorer. You may also receive a message saying you will be using a secured connection.

Once this information has been verified, you will be asked to choose your new password and re-type it in for verification. Finally, you will be asked to enter three “Secret Questions" and "Secret Answers". These pieces of information will also be unique to you and will be used if you ever forget your password and want to create a new one.

2. If you are a returning user, you must first access the log in page of JHU: https://login.johnshopkins.edu/cgi-bin/allinonelogin.pl?BASIC=FALSE&AUTHDB=PROD&RD=20120821&TYPE=33554433&REALMOID=06-f6cbc55a-b71a-497f-aae1-da9d964131c6&GUID=&SMAUTHREASON=0&METHOD=GET&SMAGENTNAME=-SM-jZjJObhrQhqz8aKCEuFq%2fB7ltc3rTCfKsk96JDBR%2f7bG9c8WdRgblwNsZTAh9K1Q&TARGET=-SM-HTTPS%3a%2f%2fmy%2ejohnshopkins%2eedu%2fuPortal%2fLogin%3fportalJHUSignIn%3dLogin&TIMESTRING=1378975714

3. Then, enter both of your Login ID and Password on the provided text fields.

4. Click the Login link to finish the needed process.



Try to reset your Account Information using these steps:

1. To change your password without logging in, click the Change Your Password link and follow the instructions: https://my.johnshopkins.edu/channel/passwordchange

2. Fill in all the needed details and wait for further instructions or confirmation of the completion of the process.